HAPPY Mašine za vez - HCD serija / HAPPY Embroidery machines - HCD series
HAPPY Mašine za vez - HCR serija / HAPPY Embroidery machines - HCR series
Marathon konac / Marathon thread
Konci za vez / Embroidery Thread
Marathon Metalik konac / Marathon Metallic thread

Embodery Machines

The Happy Industrial Corporation has been supplying the products to customers in every part of the world with steady growth since establishment of the company in 1923. HAPPY now develops, designs, builds and sell small and large size computer controlled...

Marathon Thread

Marathon threads are a creation of a combined effort of art and science, considered by textile professionals to be one of the best quality threads for use in high-speed embroidery machines. Well-chosen high quality material is carefully blended with ...

Embroidery Supplies

We have a wide range of embroidery backing products including specialist products and water soluble topping, and a variety of weights to suit the garment or product in high-density embroidery applications, supplied to you in the most convenient way...

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