Under thread / Bobbin thread

Whether you wind your own bobbins or use the convenience of pre wound bobbins. Marathon has a range of products to suit your requirements.

Under thread

Under Thread Jumbo 1kg Polyester 80/2
Under Thread Jumbo 1kg Polyester 80/2

Marathon’s unique embroidery Under thread is a 100% Spun Polyester Yarn 80D/2 weight thread (220s). The product is available in White or Black on 65,000m (1kg) cones to wind your own bobbins. This ultra fine yet strong Under thread enables you to wind more thread on to the bobbin, which in turn reduces downtime and bobbin changes. This is the number one selling Under thread to large contract embroiderers.

Bobbin thread

Under thread / Bobbin threadUnder thread / Bobbin thread

Marathon’s Pre Wound Bobbins are sideless with a nylon core, 100% Polyester Filament 75D/2 weight, 130mts/bobbin (2.5g), 144bobbins/box, available in White or Black, ideally suited for machines with multiple heads. Immediately ready for use with high manipulation speed and identical length of each coil, they hold much more thread than those that you wind yourself, guarantees easy handling, convenience, and time saving under thread change.

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