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SEIT Electronica – “Bridge” Laser SL4

Seit Elettronica is world leader in the production of laser marking and cutting machines. Since 1979, the company has carried out the whole production cycle in its premises thanks to the electronics, mechanics and carpentry departments, an advanced designing office and a laboratory for trials and research and development activities. For the embroidery sector, SL4 and SL5 Laser Bridges can be installed on every model of single- or multi-head embroidery machines.

Bridge Laser SL4 - Marathon

Bridge Laser SL4 – Marathon

Technical Data:

SL4 Laser Bridge interfaces with any embroidery machine to realize sophisticated appliques and etching with incredible accuracy and speed.
With SL4 Laser Bridge production costs and time can be significantly reduced, increasing at the same time product quality.
A fix area with 300×300 mm is available.

Thanks to the features of SLDF and SMD software, its versatility and accuracy is unique:
– SLDF Seit Laser Design Fusion software enables an intuitive and creative development of drawings.
– SMD Seit Magic Driver software controls all essential laser parameters like speed, power, and fabric thickness and easily integrates in the embroidery machine operations, avoiding useless downtime.

Laser Bridge SL4 – PDF!

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