Marathon Thread

Marathon threads are a creation of a combined effort of art and science, considered by textile professionals to be one of the best quality threads for use in high-speed embroidery machines. Well-chosen high quality material is carefully blended with the best coloring chemicals to produce the fine product, color consistency across different dye lots is ensured and reliability of thread is guaranteed. The unique winding process, which increases the life of the thread, ensures that every thread is accurately finished.

Marathon ThreadMarathon Thread

Marathon threads are manufactured by a major and highly respected Korean corporation, Dong-Il Industrial Company, currently produces more than 1.2 million cones of thread a month and exports to more than 30 countries.

The company has maintained a commitment to consistent high quality since 1958 – so much so that they have achieved numerous accreditations and certificates. Baby-safe Marathon threads are suitable for use in the manufacture of baby items. Both viscose rayon and polyester threads hold a prestigious Testex (Zurich, Switzerland) “Confidence in Textiles” certificate to guarantee that Marathon threads contain no harmful substances, as well as certificates acknowledging the quality of the manufacturing and management processes.

Viscose Rayon Thread

Marathon Viscose Rayon Thread is luxuriously silky in feel yet incredibly strong. It comes in over 400 vibrant colors. Embroiderers worldwide choose Marathon Viscose Rayon Thread to produce a high-end product at an affordable price.

Viscose Rayon ThreadViscose Rayon Thread

The Marathon brand of top quality Viscose Rayon Thread accounts for over 80% of all embroidery thread sales worldwide, because of its quality has an exceptional sheen and luster combined with a soft feel and touch. It is wash fast and boil fast. Marathon Viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread is used by many of the world’s leading brands and garment manufacturers and is widely regarded as one of the best quality thread brands available. This embroidery thread has a thread count of 120d/2 (40s). We carry over 360 shades of Marathon Viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread, in both 1,000m cops and 5,000m cones. As well as solid colors the range also includes metallic, multi colored and umbra shades.

Viscose Rayon Thread – Gallery:

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Polyester Thread

Marathon Polyester Thread is suitable for just about any application. It is durable, long-lasting, smooth-running, and produces a silky, elegant product. It requires no special lubricant, is resistant to bleach, and may be used with boiling water for direct-heat treating. Marathon Polyester Thread comes in over 300 colors. It is ideal when you need to use one thread for a variety of embroidery products!

Marathon Polyester Thread is 100% Polyester Filament thread offers unique luster and durability for high-speed embroidery machines as well as Long Arm Machines. It is extremely colorfast and will withstand chlorine bleaching and harsh industrial laundering. We highly recommend Polyester over Rayon for items that will go through many washes. Polyester is favored by embroiderers processing chef wear, medical uniforms, heavy industrial work wear, or any very heavily laundered garment.

Marathon - Polyester ThreadPolyester Thread – Marathon

Polyester Thread – Gallery:

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Metalik konac

Metalik konac - MarathonMetalik konac – Marathon

Najlonske niti se prekrivaju poliester filmom, a zatim metaliziraju sa srebrom ili aluminijumom. Ovaj proces čuva metalik niti i najlonsko jezgro zajedno i omogućava Vam laku manipulaciju koncem.

Ton Karta Metalik konca:

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Multi konac

Multi konac - MarathonMulti konac – Marathon

Slučajnim varijacijama multikolor konca pravite svaki proizvod unikatom!

Ton Karta Multi konca:

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Melirani konac

Blagim prelazom iz tamnih u svetle nijans možete napraviti sa meliranim koncem, koji su 100% viskoza.

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