Embroidery materials

We have a wide range of embroidery backing products including specialist products and water soluble topping, and a variety of weights to suit the garment or product in high-density embroidery applications, supplied to you in the most convenient way, from full rolls to cut pieces.

Embroidery materials
Embroidery materials

Water Soluble

This is an easy to use cold water soluble film. It can be used as a topping fabric on such items as fleece, sweatshirts or toweling, to prevent the loop or the pile showing through the embroidery. It can also be used as a backing fabric on very light or sheer fabrics.

Water Soluble
Water Soluble

Water Soluble
Water Soluble


FeltEmbroidery Felt

Color Felts are manufactured in various colors, touch, thickness, used in all aspects of fashion for embroidery marks, decorations, handicrafts, toys, accessories etc.

Heat Film

A double-sided film, used in the application of embroidered badges to articles which cannot be framed for direct embroidery. Iron applied.

3D Embroidery Foam

Foam that has been specially-designed for 3D embroidery!

Puffy 3D vez - Marathon3D Embroidery Foam

3D Embroidery Foam3D Embroidery Foam

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