Machine repair service, spare parts,
maintenance and technical advice

Machine repair service

If you have a HAPPY embroidery machine, you can have your machine serviced by our highly qualified experienced and skilled service technicians. They are highly trained and multi-qualified engineers with experience in electronic and engineering.

Servis i rezervni delovi - Marathon
Machine repair service

We offer support, repair service, maintenance and supply parts for ALL BRANDS of embroidery machines. Call us now to arrange your service contract while everything works smoothly. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your machine runs reliably and efficiently.

Spare parts

Refer to your machine manual for the details regarding your machine parts.

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Bobbin cases

A bobbin case is needed for machine embroidery, and holds the bobbin in the machine. It is locked into the hook by a latch on the case. Bobbin cases are offered with and without a backlash spring.

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