Aerosol Sprays

Aerosol Sprays
Aerosol Sprays

SILICONI COMMERCIALE ® SPA is the leading manufacturer of aerosol adhesive and spray releasing agents for industry offers a wide range of technical aerosols and liquid chemical products for different purposes: spray protective lubricants and cleaner, silicone spray oil and emulsion, spray spot cleaner and antirust.

Spray Adhesive is specifically designed for use on fabric where a temporary bond is required while the embroidery is in process. Popular uses for this adhesive are applying embroidery backing to the garment and securing appliqué during the embroidery process.

Takter 650

Temporary adhesive spray indicated to fix the fabric during the embroidery and cutting phase. It neither stains nor transfers on the fabrics.

Takter 800

New Temporary Adhesive sprays for embroidery, formulated to keep steady firm the fabric during embroidery or cutting phase. It does not stain fabrics, or textile machines.

Takter 1000

Permanent adhesive spray for screen printing, typographies, shoe industry.


Colorless Vaseline oil-based product. Good lubricant for mechanical movements, hinges of doors, locks, parts in rubber and plastics, parts of cars, parts of sewing-machines and embroidery-machines, threads, arms. Suitable also to protect rubber, plastics and metal. It does not oil and it does not dirty.

Deter 100

Degreaser and detergent based on slow evaporation solvents. Formulated to clean hard surfaces (iron, plastics, steel, and aluminum), parts of engines, and nozzles of boilers. It melts encrustations, greasy, glue, tar, grease, sludge oil. It is a slow evaporation detergent, contains an anti-corrosion additive that protects the treated materials. It does not indent plastic materials.


Cleaner, releasing spray for embroidery and sewing machines; cleans working tables, needles, mechanic parts, releases blocked mechanisms. Protective antioxidant.


Stain remover spray based on highly degreasing solvents and powders. It forms a white dust and it removes stains of greasy, ink, oil, from cotton, silk, wool synthetic fabrics.

Silicone spray

Medium viscosities spray oil of Silicone. Suitable as: Lubricant and sliding for plastics (pet, PVC), rubber, paper, skin, metal, cables, cladding. Protective against the corrosion of metal parts, suitable also to protect boats and sea engines from the corrosion of the saltiness; it protects rubber and gaskets from the cracking. Antistatic for work tables, paper, and fabrics. Water repellent for leather and fabrics. Polisher for wood, rubber, plastic. Insulator for electric components. It does not contain solvents. It does not indent rubber and plastic materials. It neither oils nor dirties.

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